We produce, process and do research that helps to building equitable, inclusive and sustainable food systems in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Our work develops resilience among communities severely affected by starvation and climate change.

Result of using organic fertilizers and sustainable tillage practices.

SmallHolder Farmers generate jobs and food for the community

We develop a sustainable farming and permaculture using renewable-energy technologies and permaculture design techniques. We teach farmers, that there is no waste in nature, only reuse and recycling in countless symbiotic relationships between sun, air, soil, water, plants and animals and that is how farming should be. We show and teach our farmers that we are able to produce our food locally and sell it to our communities instead of importing food from abroad which is grown using much chemicals,… And that we have the technologies and the knowledge to find and implement the regenerative farming and develop a more productive and sustainable farming industry in Democratic Republic of Congo and all over Africa. We ensure that rural farmers have access to Healthy soil and seeds, Renewable Energy, and sustainable food transportation and storing.

NFI team is on ground to identify the most pressing challenges that farmers in Kamanyola face daily.

Various seeds


Mango saplings

Quality seeds & tillage practices

Our Farmers have access to affordable quality seeds, germination rate and free from seed-borne diseases.  They are trained on how to use their phones on accurate local weather forecast to determine right time of sowing. They are trained on how to do quality seedbed to ensure good growth of the root system, water retention and fertility. 

Tillage practices demonstration

Bean seedlings

Our farmer participants learn about the right combination of tillage practices and row spacing to optimize spatial distribution and plant growth, by maximizing sunlight, soil water use efficiency, nutrients and grain yield in a sustainable way.

Soil tillage practices

Tillage practices

Orange, lemon and other saplings



Organic fertilizer

Compost and manure production and Biochar utilization boost the yield.  Soil treatment provides the right amount of nutrients and moisture for plant growth. Organic fertilizer prevents and controls diseases and pests in cost effective manner.  Integrated Pest Management replaces pesticide.


Biochar use

Innovative irrigation practices

We do innovative irrigation practices—where water is available from streams (small) dams or shallow wells— enhances water efficiencies. This helps to gain economic advantages, while also reducing environmental burdens. Farmers need means and incentives to know crop’s water use, actual irrigation applications, and crop’s yield response to different water management practices and thus current on-farm water-efficiency levels.

Irrigating lettuce

Irrigating onions

Food forest

Our farmer partners plant food forest in their farmlands for economic and ecology profit.  


Banana, maize and Oranges

Coffee, mangoes, palms,...

Papayas, bananas,...

Maize and fruits near a jungle

Innovations around food processing

Innovations that focus on the harvest, innovations around food processing such as heating, removing water, removing heat, preventing enzyme and microbial activity and excluding air, light, moisture, micro-organisms and pests to preserving food at village level.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy that plays a big role in processing food in a sustainable way.

Training community-women on solar cooking

Cooking with solar

Various solar cookers

frying meat using a box solar cooker

Renewable Energy

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Reforestation program

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Women Empowerment

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Job creation

Small viable business enterprises, agri-processors, transport services and similar activities along the food production chain as a result of increased agricultural practices in rural areas are crucial for generating employment and income opportunities and, thereby, enhancing the demand for farm produce.

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