Help women thrive

When women thrive, their families and communities prosper. They need job opportunities, earnings, and political leadership. They still face persistent barriers to accessing economic security and health care which greatly limit them from  improving their lives and the well-being of their families and communities.

Empowering women on how to tackle the dual challenge of increasing food production while mitigating climate change

Women on frontline to mitigate climate change

Reducing Co2 emissions by shifting to clean cooking

Help women access to market.

Produce for sale

Sanitary Pads for School Girls

We want to tackle the problem our farmer women and adolescent school girls have when it comes to manage their menstruations. We are going to make affordable and reusable sanitary pads to help girls and community women have access to locally made sanitary pads. Adolescents single mothers will be trained to make the pads. We will then help adolescent students to stay in school when in their periods, since they miss school during their menstruations.

Sanitary pads give hope for staying in school during menstruations.

Sanitary pads increase the chance to enjoy work, education, hygiene, safety, high self-esteem and dignity