Who We Are

We are a food research, production and processing institute, working in the Eastern Congo to tackle the cycle of poverty by producing healthy food and training rural community farmers on Climate-Resilient Food Systems and Permaculture practices to save soil biodiversity and forest ecosystems.

We produce food and process it locally and make it affordable for the community. Food production is about working with nature’s pattern, using the energy given by nature as efficient as possible to create an endless biological recycling system where every output is an input to the next step in nature’s biological cycle.

We group farmers in cooperatives and train them about regenerative farming, Renewable Energy and Permaculture for advancing positive social, environmental and economic outcomes among local communities. We are deeply committed to breaking the brink of starvation and social oblivion.

In addition to establishing and maintaining dynamic farm cooperatives, Nabahya Food Institute builds stronger local communities, and trains future leaders to carry on our vision for decades to come. The Institute’s proprietary set of educational and community-building programs, makes our farmer partners to do every initiative relevant, dynamic and meaningful to all participants.

What We Do

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